V.A.R. and how it is effecting the English premier league.

So far this season they has been many mistakes by the officials in charge of matches not just on the pitch but also in the upper offices of the video assisting referee.

And publicly Mike Riley , head of the referees came out and admitted mistakes made by refs in games.

My question is V.A.R really improving the game, the experience for fans, the speed of the game, and ultimately coming to the correct decisions in games that could potential cost clubs a lot of money.

The answer in my opinion is honestly no.

I tell you why! As a football fan watching every week supporting my team, it seems now the refs are the stars of the show.

before and after every game nowadays the pundits are talking about decisions made on the field, taking away what we all have waited for as fans all week ,which is football.

It is talked about too much by the pundits, to the point now I just don't watch before or after the game  and just watch for 90 mins in play.

It takes away the curiosity of the striker the  striker now wont make early runs or just wont make runs in behind the defence, they are stalling runs now ,that don't improve the game.

The turnaround time waiting for a decision to be made is horrendous while fifty thousand spectators in stands are clueless of what is going on.

That don't improve the game. 40 " monitor on the side of the pitch is never used and this if baffling to me, use it .

they use it in Europe and from what I can see they don't have as many issues as the EPL does.

Finally getting to the correct on field decision, there have been to many mistakes , penalty decisions from V.A.R have been dreadful.

I know this is only its first season in England and I'm hopeful there will be improvement next season to say the least.

This is just my opinion let me know what you guys think.

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